For Profit Schools Turn Students Into Debt Zombies; It’s Time To Kill The Entire Pell Grant Program

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(f) The institution is financially sound and capable of fulfilling its commitments to students. (g) That, upon satisfactory completion of an educational program, the institution gives students a document signifying the degree or diploma awarded. (h) Adequate records and standard transcripts are maintained and are available to students.

The Federal Pell Grant Program was created to improve the access of low-income students to postsecondary education. Grant re cipients enroll at a variety of educational institutions, including four-year colleges and universities, for-profit schools, two-year community colleges, and institutions that spec ialize in occupational training. Grants are

"On CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ he [Plouffe] also claimed that the deal reached with Republicans protected 800,000 children from being dropped from Head Start, the preschool program for. up the.

The House Republican Budget Would Eliminate Pell Grants For More Than One Million Students. – use these falsehoods to justify cutting the Pell Grant program by $200. while student loan.

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For-profit schools rely on Pell Grant students. Finally, more than half (53 percent) of full-time students at for-profit universities use Pell Grants to fund their education, compared to about 27 percent of students at private universities and 32 percent of students at public universities.

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Pell Grant recipients are already more than twice as likely to have loans as other students, and the average debt burden for Pell recipients who graduate from four-year colleges is $4,750 higher than their higher-income peers. In short, the House Budget Committee plan would reduce opportunity for low-income students striving to obtain a college.