The Florida Masochist: Sealed minds, Sealed cases, Sealed courts,

Although Florida’s Constitution and statutes grant broad access to most governmental meetings and the records of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, it has been left to the courts to determine the narrow circumstances under which court proceedings and records may be kept from public view.

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Cases of sexual abuse and sex trafficking are cases in which the public has an obvious and compelling interest.” In its decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that a lower district court erred when it issued a blanket sealing of the case, which essentially allowed all the parties to file everything under wraps.

 · The Most Dangerous Place to Be Black For Florida, being at the center of a maelstrom about race and justice for black Americans is nothing new. Especially if you ever had a run-in with Lake County’s brutal seven-term sheriff, Willis McCall.

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Even the right to a jury trial can depend on the classification of the charged crime-the U.S. Supreme Court has held that the jury-trial right applies only when the defendant faces a “serious” offense (one that carries a potential of more than six months’ imprisonment). (baldwin v. New York, 399 U.S. 66 (1970).) Questions for Your Lawyer

Sealing of Records – Case filed is sealed and thereafter such records cannot be examined except by order of the court. Search warrant – A written order issued by a judge that directs a law enforcement officer to search a specific area for a specific piece of evidence.

If your mediation is court-ordered or conducted by a certified mediator, there are laws and rules which require confidentiality. (See the Mediation Confidentiality and Privilege Act, sections 44.401 – 44.406, Florida Statutes ). The Act always applies if the mediation is court-ordered,

Yes. In all U.S. federal courts and most state courts, there are specific rules that allow a court to reopen a case after the entry of final judgment. Some of the circumstances under which a court can reopen a case even after a final judgment has.

Lawyers and judges receive many inquiries from people who wish to adopt a child. This pamphlet has been prepared to help you understand adoption laws and procedures and complete an adoption in a safe way. Adoption laws and procedures in Florida reflect the interests of the state and the community in.